Thursday, November 5, 2015

A little update from Ukraine!

A little update from little Ukraine! 

Life is good, the people are great.  

A "funny" for this week: Since being on my mission, I've realized how "patience" isn’t one of my strongest qualities.  I decided to pray for the ability to have my patience grow and to be able to be a more calm, less frustrated person.  The next morning, I walk into the bathroom to find a beautiful cockroach on the floor.  Wasn't exactly what I had in mind about "patience"... but what can you do. 

Another funny: So every week we have a "sports night" with the youth in our branch.  We play soccer, basketball, volleyball, Ping-Pong, whatever people want to play that day. This week' s activity happened to be Ultimate Frisbee.  While in the middle of the game, my companion decided to take a moment and show how much she loves me by launching the Frisbee, from a distance of five feet, at my forehead.  I had a cute goose egg to show off for a couple days after. 

I'm learning to love the endless amount of irony my life has -- it definitely keeps it interesting!

Something very impactful I learned this week is related to something an apostle said, "God cannot teach someone with an inquiring mind." 

Because we all have been given agency, the choice to choose good and evil, God will never make us choose the right.  He WILL however, ALWAYS show us the right way, the right choice if we are sincerely seeking the answer. 

Again and again, I have been asked, "How do you REALLY know this is true?"  I know this gospel is true because I have not only felt the Holy Ghost answer my prayers, but I've committed to live the gospel standards.  As I have committed to live the gospel standards, I've seen my life completely transform.  I am so grateful that all of us equally have this opportunity.

Thank you for all your love and support!


Cectpa Morris

Ukraine-Dnepropetrovsk Mission

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