Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Easter!

Spring is in the air! And it seems to be so is love. Oh how I love getting on the Internet every Monday only to find out another 5 of my friends are now engaged. :) Oh well, life goes on.

So while it seems like all my friends and family are already moving on with their lives ;), and have already celebrated Easter, Ukraine only just celebrated it yesterday!

 On Easter in Ukraine EVERYONE makes this little Easter bread and they put it in baskets and walk around giving it to their friends and family. And the best part is that everyone says hello that day by saying "Jesus was resurrected!" and then you reply "for truth, he was resurrected!"

I think it is such a wonderful tradition and it seemed to be the whole city was just filled with the love and light of Christ that day. People on the street who can sometimes not be so cheerful ;) , were extra happy and accepting to us.

As I think about the feeling of happiness and gratitude I felt throughout the day yesterday towards my Savior, I cant help but think what if we tried to remember what the Savior has done for us EVERY DAY. I truly do believe if all of us strived to better remember our Savior and what He has done for us, what we can become through Him, we would see and feel so much more happiness. I am so grateful to be here, to wear a nametag with the name of Jesus Christ, and to be reminded daily of His infinite Atonement. Jesus lives! I love you all, Happy Easter! :)

Oh also, we passed out these cards for a little, but powerful, two-minute video of Jesus Christ. Take a look! :)

Oh below is a super "cute" photo of Tuesday when Sister Rice and I got caught in a wild awful rainstorm. We survived. :)


Cectpa Morris

Ukraine-Dnepropetrovsk Mission