Sunday, April 17, 2016

March 21st - Happy Spring!

Hello my dear friends and family! 

Happy first week of Spring from Ukraine!  The country decided to celebrate with a lovely spring blizzard!  So to the right is a picture of my Easter candy and coat and hat. :)

Paltava is a charming, wonderful, miraculous city!  I love it here.  I am learning so much.

I read a very interesting talk about faith this week.  A giant myth about religion and God is that people think we must be perfect in order to be worthy of receiving blessings; however, that's not true! 

I am reminded of the man that told Jesus, "Lord I believe, but help thou mine unbelief." 

Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to have perfect faith- what He expects us to do is to call upon Him and ask for help.

"It matters not what sins we have committed or how deep we have sunk into that proverbial pit.  What does matter is that Christ is pleading our case before the Father.  That is what really matters and what should give us all renewed hope and a determination to try one more time, because He has not forgotten us.  I testify the Savior will never turn away from us when we humbly seek Him in order to repent; will never consider us a lost cause; will never say 'Oh no, not you again,' will never reject us because of our failure to understand how hard it is to avoid sin.  He understands us all perfectly.  Repentance has the power to lift burdens and replace them with hope." 

I truly know that the Lord loves each and every one of us.  I also know that we cannot live fulfilling lives without Him.

HOPPY HOPPY EASTER!!  I love you all!!!


Cectpa Morris

Ukraine-Dnepropetrovsk Mission

February 8th - Hi It's me and I'm still alive

Sending you all a warm Здравствуйте from Ukraine! 

Well, I survived my first Christmas, my first New Years, my first haircut, and almost my first winter here in good ole Ukraine! 

Im learning so much here.  I love talking and meeting people from all different areas of life.  It's remarkable to realize how many trials people have here.  I am filled with gratitude for all that I have.  I am also so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given us commandments, or guidelines, for a happy life. 

The secret for a happy life: FOLLOW THE COMMANDMENTS.  We know that God created us, we know that He knows us each individually and personally.  He knows exactly what we need in order to have a happy, successful life.  Those commandments are a sign of His love.  Yes, they are hard to follow at times; but its not because what He asked you to do is hard.  Sometimes commandments are difficult to follow because those around us choose to disobey and we want to be with the crowd. 

One of my favorite verses from the Book of Mormon comes from the book of Jacob 6:12, "O be wise; what can I say more?" (paraphrased: Don't be STUPID)  Remember YOU are in charge of YOUR life.  You are RESPONSIBLE for the choices you make.  We will have stand before Heavenly Father one day and answer for those choices we made during our earthly lives.

There is so much we all need to do in this life that we cant wait until the last second.  I encourage you all to take advantage of the opportunities the Lord has placed in front of you!  Start living life on a higher level!  Go out of your way to lift others up, to serve, and to love.  As you do so, I promise you will feel the warm praise from our Father in Heaven and amazing joy.  SO.. whats holding you back? :) 

I love and miss you all so much! Happy Monday! <3


Cectpa Morris

Ukraine-Dnepropetrovsk Mission