Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bon Voyage!

Well two cans of spray cheese and 8 weeks later, I'm finally headed to Ukraine!!  I can't believe I'm actually going out into the real missionary world.

I think I mentioned my disposition with the community bathrooms in an earlier email.  It gets better.  The other night, Sister Johnsen and I are brushing our teeth, getting ready for bed.  As we are talking, we notice there is a ferocious sound of splashing water coming from one of the shower stalls, which has a bathtub in it.  To our horror, we realized someone had filled the yucky, thousand year old tub up with water and decided to BATHE in it.  I'm not sure if she was a swimmer before all this, but as the sound of ferocious splashing continues, I became more confident that she was practicing her backstroke.  I think she could be the next Michael Phelps with that kind of dedication.

Another funny moment that happened this week was when our whole Zone was doing a language practice program on the computer.  And me, being the devoted little missionary I am, was busy working, when out of nowhere, I get hit in the head with carrot flying full speed.  Yes you read that right, a carrot.  I never knew how bad carrots could hurt.  Well it turns out that Elder Olsen was trying to throw his carrot into the garbage can that was probably ten feet behind me... he was a little off.  I had to embarrassingly walk around with a red mark on my forehead for the remainder of the day.

Our district had a bit of a hard time this week because our beloved Sister Grant decided to go home.  Just ten days before coming to the MTC, her older brother passed away.  But still, she decided follow her prompting that she needed to go on her mission.  She has been dealing with so much emotional distress these last few weeks and prayerfully made the decision to go home.  It was such a bittersweet moment to watch her leave because our district has become so close; we're like an MTC family.  It's been amazing to watch her grow, she's such an inspiration to me personally; it made me realize that God often has us go through things, rather than under them or over them, because it's an experience we need.  One of the most significant things she said was, " I know I was meant to come to the MTC because I was meant to meet all of you.  I think I would have been so mad at God for letting my brother die, but instead I've become closer to Him."  If you look back at the hardest times in your life, what did you learn from those experiences?  I know that everything that happens in this life has a purpose and sometimes it just takes time to find out what it is.

"Step into the dark believing that the light will follow."

To the right is a picture of a package of cookies my mom sent me.  I think she was making a fat joke when she wrote the sticky note "To Share" thinking that I would eat twenty frosted sugar cookies by myself.  Cool Mom.

Thank you for all your love and support! 

Cectpa Morris

Ukraine-Dnepropetrovsk Mission

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