Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Work . . . Work . . . Work

Hello, Hello!

Not too much happened this week.  Once you fall into a normal schedule everything gets pretty repetitive.  But it is weird how time still flies by.  My leave date for Ukraine is August 4.  Only seven more weeks! 

The funniest thing that happened this week was probably when we were teaching a new "investigator."  We were trying to explain what a prophet is, well our investigator asked if he only was a prophet for America, Sister Johnson and I were looking in a dictionary to find out how to say travels.  While we were doing this we didn't notice that Sister Mathews thought that she could get the point across by flapping her arms like a bird.  Needless to say, our investigator wasn't very interested in getting baptized.  Oh the joys of Russian. 

We had to move dorms because all the Spanish speakers invaded our building.  We tried to challenge them to a game a volleyball saying the winners got to stay and the losers had to move, but you're not allowed to keep score so that didn't really work.  Anyways, as I was trekking across the MTC campus with my three suitcases I became painfully aware of how much I packed.  Luckily I still have some time here before I figure out what I will have to get rid of before I leave for Ukraine!  But our new dorms are very nice and very new.  I guess the jokes on the Spanish speakers now. 

Quote of the week:  "Work, work, work - there's no satisfactory substitute." 

It's SO true.  If you want to be successful, powerful, or different in life then you have to do things normal people don't do.  You have to get up when people don't get up, work when people don't work.  Being great isn't easy, that's why so few people are.  The personal satisfaction that comes from working your butt off is irreplaceable.

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful week! 

Much love,

Cectpa Morris

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